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Law on the Web was created in 1999 by a solicitor intent on making the law more accessible, and quickly became one of the UK’s foremost legal advice sites, attracting the commendation of many high-profile organisations.

Everything Legal Limited (the company that owns Law on the Web) is now owned by the DAS UK Group. DAS is the UK's leading legal expenses insurer and has been protecting people and business from the costs of legal action for more than 30 years. Today, millions of people and hundreds of thousands of businesses enjoy the benefits of legal advice and protection from DAS.

The mission of Law on the Web is to help people get access to justice by helping them find the right legal advice. We want to help people understand their legal rights and find a good solicitor if they should need to do so.

We aim to be the best place to go in the UK to find a solicitor and to get helpful legal information. We even provide an array of free legal documents to help hundreds of people save money and be more independent.

The site is in essence an embodiment of a grand plan to revolutionise the legal world, which will make it much easier for people to find the right legal advice. This is a drive shared by all our employees.

We offer free advice where possible, but when it is necessary to charge we ensure that we charge reasonable rates for the service on offer. We do still realise that there are times when a solicitor is needed, and will put those in need of further legal advice from a professional in contact with expert solicitors.

If there is anything else you think we can do to pioneer in law, please get in touch.

Our mailing address is:
Everything Legal
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Everything Legal Ltd is a company incorporated in England and Wales, company number 06205456.

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