Agricultural Tenancy

Accommodation for farm workers

Agricultural tenancies give certain rights to agricultural workers and provide a vast amount of protection. For example, they can protect workers from eviction, even if they are paying a small amount of rent or even none at all. When a worker acquires this type of tenancy and the farmer wants to regain their possession of property they will have to go to court and are likely to be given the responsibility of providing the tenant with alternative accommodation. The worker's rights will vary as the tenancy law changed on the 15th January 1989. If the workers have accommodation as part of their job then they are likely to have agricultural tenancy which is created automatically providing the workers meet certain qualifying criteria.

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A guide to agricultural tenancies

Paint the town red, or at least your houseAgricultural tenancies are those agreements under which agricultural land is leased out to a farmer, or group of farmers, for the growing of crops, keeping of livestock or other farming activities.

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Agricultural farming and labour laws

CowLabour laws are the specific rules and regulations which are set up in order to regulate the working conditions of farm employees, as well as the relationships that exist between employers and the various different agricultural union bodies that exist throughout the UK.

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The domain of an agricultural solicitor

BusinesswomanAgricultural law covers a wide range of legal policies. Agriculture refers to every component of farming, including the animals, the crops, the land, the property and the employees. Within each of these different areas there are laws that regulate certain actions.

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