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Farm registration and you

To confirm the ownership of your land you need to register it. Once you have registered your land you are then permitted to receive farming subsidy payments as well as helping you to manage your land more efficiently. Registering your land secures your title as the land owner and will clarify your property and ownership of the land in the event of any possible disputes.

There are two types of land registers that you should be aware of, the first being the Rural Land Register. This is a department in the government that records all land and property ownership, boundaries between different owners and all the legalities if there is a change of ownership, which includes records any finances involved with the land such as mortgages and sales. The other type of register is the Land Registry. It is important to know that they are not connected as the Rural Land Register only registers land that is farmed or at least has some value environmentally to land-based schemes. The Rural Land Register also has different boundary regulations which are important to distinguish.  

So it is very important to familiarise yourself with the different types of register so you can then register your own land which will allow you the freedom and securities of being able to manage it more efficiently and smoothly without any disputes.

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