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ACAS is an acronym which stands for Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service. The role of ACAS is to help employers and employees to improve working relations. The aim of ACAS is to improve organisations and working life because of the improved working relations ACAS have help to implement.

The majority of funding for ACAS comes from the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS).

What do ACAS do?

As from the name, ACAS provide a service which offers advice, conciliation and arbitration. Conciliation and arbitration are types of alternative dispute resolutions (ADR). ACAS’s advice revolves around giving information on these types of dispute resolutions and also guidance on particular procedures.

ACAS work by supplying up to date information on employment issues to employers and employees. This can include what rights people have and what their position is in certain situations. ACAS offer independent advice relating to any employment issues or disputes. Another aspect ACAS are involved in is offering high quality training and working with employers and employees to solve problems and improve performance. This way disputes can be handled better and more efficiently without the need to use the service of an employment tribunal.

Types of advice

There is a wide range of advice that ACAS offer. It includes almost all aspects of employment where an issue or dispute may arise.  This includes aspects such as equality, redundancy and health.  As ACAS can offer advice on subjects regarding employment, ACAS are also in a position to offer training and guidance on almost all of the areas they cover. ACAS help can prevent small problems from escalating into serious problems with early intervention. The advice available is catered to employees and employers.


Employees can use ACAS services to find and gain a vast array of information regarding your employment. Advice that is included is advice on redundancy, contracts and working in general. There is also advice on disputes and what to do. There is emphasis on dealing with any disputes or conflicts as early as possible, this will save time, money and any unnecessary stress.


Employers can use ACAS for more specialised services, including training, workplace projects, conciliation and mediation. The advice and information is helpful to employer in a way to prevent any unnecessary disputes or conflicts. If employers are aware of alternatives other that an employment tribunal, this may make them more incline to communicate with employees to help situations.

Training for business can be provided by ACAS on a range of subjects including absence managing, discrimination and mediation. These types of training courses all have the view to minimise disputes in the workplace and promoting employment relations.  


It is ACAS’s role to help individuals and businesses work better together to avoid the need for disputes to be brought to an employment tribunal. ACAS has over 30 years experience in worker with people and organisations. The experience means that the advice has had time to develop and the advice given can also be tailored to meet individual needs as well as the needs of a whole business.

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