Consumer Rights

The rights of customers and clients

Awareness of your consumer rights is practically a necessity in today’s world, where many businesses will happily rip you off with poor quality goods or services if they feel they can get away with it. Informing yourself of your rights may help you to tip the balance in your favour.

What sort of things does consumer law cover?

Consumer law is in place to protect you from the misfortunes that can arise when making purchases, whether through malice on the part of the supplier, poor build quality of items or simply bad luck. It ensures that you are able to take action if you should purchase faulty goods, or even if you hire faulty goods. It also protects you should you inadvertantly sign up to an unfair contract, and allows you to make holiday claims if you should suffer a sub-par vacation.

What legislation is in place to protect consumers?

Most forms of trade have particular legal restrictions on them to ensure that the buyer is treated fairly. The Supply of Goods and Services Act is one of the most useful, since it sets out what you can reasonably expect from paid-for services and any materials or parts used in supplying the service, and offers recourse should the supplier fail on this front.

If you’ve been the victim of an untrustworthy salesman or made a regrettable purchase over the internet, the Cancellation of Contracts made in the consumer’s home Regulations and Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations may be exactly what you need.

Furthermore, if you’ve paid for anything priced between £100 and £30,000 using a credit card, it might benefit you to be aware of the potential for Section 75 claims if you end up in a situation where your purchase is unsatisfactory.

TV licensing laws are also a point of contention for many, and worth taking note of.

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Consumer rights — what's in store for you

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Legal advice for wronged consumers

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