Types of School

Choosing a school for your child

There are many different types of school each with different characteristics. Deciding which school a child should go to should involve taking into account whether the parent believes that the school's characteristics will comply with how they wish their children to learn.

  • Academies – Independently run and normally sponsored by a business or faith or voluntary group. They are for children of all abilities.
  • City technology colleges – Urban colleges which are geared towards science, technology and the world of work. They are independently run and offer vocational skills as well as standard GSCEs and A-Levels.
  • Community and foundation special schools – Schools which cater for children with specific special educational needs.
  • Community schools – Run by the local authority and have a strong focus on the community.
  • Faith schools - Run in the same way as other state schools with their faith status reflected in their admission criteria, staff policies and religious education curriculum.
  • Foundation and Trust schools - Run by a governing body, which employs the staff and sets the admissions criteria. A trust school is a type of foundation school which forms a charitable trust with a business or educational charity.
  • Grammar schools – Have a strict admissions criteria which focuses on academic ability.
  • Independent schools – Set their own admission and curriculum. They are funded by fees which parents will need to pay.
  • Maintained boarding schools – Offer free tuition but require fees for lodging and accommodation.
  • Voluntary aided schools – These tend to be faith schools which are run by a governing body which decides on admissions criteria and who they employ.
  • Voluntary funded schools – The same as voluntary aided schools apart from that they are run by the local authority

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