Types of Land Pollution

A cornucopia of contaminatory cataclysms

In the occasion of pollution becoming transferred from the original site of pollution, it becomes known as pollution linkage. This happens when there is a pathway that the pollution can move along in order to get to and pollute another site or harm a living organism or ecosystem. Examples of different types of pollution linkage can be:

  • Airborne – a site with asbestos could have its harmful material borne upon the wind and affect nearby people. Emissions from a factory could similarly ride the breeze to a nature reserve located in close proximity and cause damage to the ecosystem in existence there.  
  • Waterborne – liquid chemicals from a spillage that get into the drainage system and are transported into a river or stream, contaminating it.
  • Absorption through the land – again this will most likely result from a chemical spillage, which is not diffused by the soil and is transferred through the ground, pollution will eventually be caused when it comes into contact with a water source.
  • Radiation – in physics, radiation is the transfer of energy particles or waves through a medium or space; in relation to pollution it is most likely to be radiation of radioactive waste from a nuclear power plant.

This linkage may cause a new site to be certified contaminated land in four instances defined in the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Environment Act 1995:

1.       Significant harm is being caused

    a.       There is the possibility of significant harm being caused

2.       Pollution of controlled waters

    a.       There is the possibility of pollution of controlled waters

Significant harm is regarded as something causing human disease, serious injury, birth defects, genetic disorders, mental dysfunction and impairment of the reproductive functions. Controlled waters are all the waters in the UK as well as coastal waters up to three miles from shore. 

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