Solicitor Complaints

Solicitor Complaints

One would hope that, when one does finally find a solicitor, they will be a knowledgeable professional with grit, gumption and the know-how to handle your case. Indeed, the conduct of most solicitors is worthy of praise - not censure.

However, there is a first for everything, so please see our guide below to forming a complaint against a solicitor.The Legal Complaints Service (also known as the LCS) is tasked with facilitating the processing of any complaints to be lodged against a solicitor or firm.

When reporting an instructed solicitor acting as a legal representative for a case, the LCS will investigate the specific complaint put forward, and even in some cases offer direct compensation in the event of recognition of inadequate advice being given.

The LCS can pass the case onto the Solicitors Regulation Authority, known as the SRA, for further investigations should they wish.

Solicitors Regulation Authority

The Solicitors Regulatory Authority was first established in 2007 by the Legal Services Act. It is regarded as the UK's official regulatory body, setting a quality standard for solicitors and governing the professional conduct rules.

In the event that the SRA should make a decision indicating foul play on the solicitors part, supporting the validity of the complainant's claim, then it is likely they will advise direct council with the solicitor firm initially, to see if the matter cannot be resolved without further regulating bodies being involved, and then if this is not a viable solution they may require further evidence regarding the case, informing you in any instance, and will offer a brief outline of when a decision will be made and an outcome resolved.

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