False Information

Publishing or filing false accounts

It is a crime to publish information that is not true of your accounts. For example a criminal may create, destroy, conceal or even falsify an account, record or report which deliberately misleads the financial position of that company. This is mainly done to mislead creditors and investors into thinking it is still profitable to trade even though the company is failing.

For more information on publishing false information the best sources are the Financial Services Authority and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

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Tax fraud is not something to applaud

Maths aplentyTax fraud is the deliberate evasion, through falsification, misrepresentation or any other dishonest means of taxes which are owed.

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Legal advice vis-a-vis credit card fraud

Cash withdrawalsCredit card fraud costs the UK an estimated £1.2 million a day. There are scams which take advantage of inevitably imperfect security systems to make transactions in another person’s name or obtain funds from their account.

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Fraud law solicitors — the scourge of charlatans

BusinesswomanIf someone sets out to deceive another person for their own gain they have committed fraud. Fraud solicitors specialise in constructing the arguments and examining the evidence to help punish these people.

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