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CV Tips

CVs are often is an employer’s first introduction to a potential employee. Therefore it is vitally important to make a good impression. A good CV will provide a stepping stone to securing interviews and eventually getting you the job you want.

A CV must have a professional look to it, black ink on white paper without any overly lavish decorations and should never more than three pages long. Beyond this there is no specific layout that should be conformed to. It is a personal document and you can present it the way you want to. The following information should always be included:

  • Personal details. Keep it simple — name, date of birth & contact details is sufficient.
  • Detailed employment history, including responsibilities held and significant achievements. This should be presented in chronological order starting with the most recent, and any gaps need to be accounted for.
  • Education & qualifications, Again these should be listed chronologically, starting with the most recent.
  • Skills. Level of proficiency with computer programs e.g. Microsoft Office suite, driving licence, foreign language skills and any other specific skills which are relevant to the position applied for.
  • Hobbies and interests. This section helps employers find out who you are outside of work and whether you will fit into their team. Keep it short but list any activities you are involved in and any achievements related to this.

Remember that potential employers will be creating interview questions based on what they read in your CV, so be prepared to talk in detail about anything you include. Be as clear as possible in your writing and avoid long-winded sentences, so you can be easily understood. Finally, you should go over everything with a fine-toothed comb, ensuring there are no spelling or grammatical errors and that the whole thing makes sense. It is a good idea to have someone you know review the whole document before you send it out.

Now that your CV is done, you can get out there and find a job. Good Luck!

I found Law on the Web to be very informative when looking for a solicitor to do our family will. It helped me find key information fast and when getting in contact with a solicitor I already had some knowledge on the subject and could focus in on what we needed. Thanks for all your hard work.
David Doulton, Long Ashton, Somerset May 2012

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