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Agricultural Law

A look at the laws that relate to farming, including environmental concerns, registration of land, and subsidies

Animal Law

Laws on the treatment of animals, regulations on their ownership and dealing with animal nuisance

Article Directory

A wide variety of legal essays written by Law on the Web staff and contributors


We advise on the processes involved in bankruptcy, and its advantages and disadvantages

Become a Lawyer

Our guide to becoming a lawyer, including a full rundown of the courses and qualifications that it requires


A variety of legal experts and aficionados come together to offer their views on the Law on the Web blogs section

Building Disputes

If you're at the heart of a dispute over construction work, we have all the information you need to make it through


Business Law

In charge of a new or small business? Keep up with commercial law — learn about trading regulations, corporate tax and more

Construction Law

Read up on the rules and regulations which govern those involved in building work and their duty to their clients

Consumer Law

Boost your awareness of your consumer rights, including what you can do about faulty goods and how to get a refund

Contesting a Will

Challenging someone's Will can be far from easy - we've laid out the laws and legislation you need to know

Corporate Finance/M&A

How to avoid the hidden pitfalls of mergers, acquisitions and funding a company

County Courts

Our complete directory of County Court information, including addresses and contact details for all UK County Courts

Criminal Law

Find out all about criminal law, including the justice system, legal representation and criminal records

Crown Courts

Details of every Crown Court in the kingdom, with contact information and other important facts

Debt Recovery Law

If you're owed money by an intransigent debtor, find out the more extreme methods you can use to secure its return

Defamation Law

Whether you've been a victim of slander or libel, or have been accused of it yourself, it's vital to be aware of the relevant laws

Education Law

Everything you need to know about the laws and regulations that shape your child's education

Employment Law

Advice on your rights at work, your employer's responsibilities, and the laws on redundancy and unfair dismissal

Employment Tribunals

A comprehensive database of Tribunal information and contact details, for those involved in employment dispute

Energy Law

Everything you need to know about energy regulations and how they affect the way we get our power

Environment Law

Human endeavours can affect the environment in many ways, but there are laws in place to protect it

Equine Law

Ensure your conformation with equine law, the field of law covering horses and equestrian activities

EU Trade Law

Trading in the EU? Our comprehensive resource will ensure you're aware of the relevant rules, regulation and red tape

Family Law

Get the lowdown on civil partnerships, cohabitation and divorce, as well as other family issues covered under the law

Flight Delay Compensation

If you have been inconvenienced by a delayed flight, you could be owed compensation

Fraud Law

We can all fall victim to fraud, often when we least expect it - be on your guard and make sure you know how to avoid it

Health and Safety Law

All about the laws which seek to prevent serious accidents from occurring in the workplace

Human Rights

Learn about the essential rights of all people, when they come into play and what, exactly, they mean

Immigration Law

Bone up on the regulations which decree who is allowed to visit, study and live in the UK

Insolvency Law

Essential legal information and advice for companies facing financial troubles

Intellectual Property

How to stop others from stealing your bright ideas — patents, trademarks and more

Landlord Law

The legal rights and responsibilities of those letting property and their tenants

Legal Documents

The UK's fastest growing law library. 100s of legal documents, legal letters, contracts and agreements


Get help with litigation, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution and more

Magistrates' Courts

Addresses and contact details of every Magistrates' Court in the UK

Media Law

Laws pertaining to the production of and distribution of music and artwork


Discover how disputes can be resolved in an amicable fashion through a neutral third party

Medical Negligence

Been on the wrong end of a botched medical procedure? You could receive a large payout if you form a claim

Negligent Misstatement

The legal ramifications of supplying incorrect information are explained here


The world of law is constantly changing - stay current with all the relevant news and updates.


Find out about the range of different pension types which are available and find the one which fits you best

Personal Injury

If you've been hurt in an accident that wasn't your fault, learn about what you can do and whether you're eligible for compensation

PPI Claims

What is PPI mis-selling? Advice about PPI claims, how to claim back PPI, and PPI compensation amounts


Helping you cope with the complex legal side of a death: inheritance tax, intestacy, estate administration and so on

Professional Negligence

If a professional has let you down, you may be able to claim compensation

Property Law

Conveyancing (buying and selling property), co-ownership and property rights, stamp duty fees and more

Restrictive Covenants

Learn how properties can be protected, e.g. from being extended, by way of restrictive covenants

Road Law

Advice for those hit with traffic fines and information about driving offences, penalties or bans

Transport Law

Acquaint yourself with all the rules and regulations that vehicle drivers must abide by

Travel and Tourism Law

Had a holiday from hell? Learn about your rights when travelling within the UK and abroad

Web and Internet Law

How to stay on the right side of the law when surfing the World Wide Web


It's never too early to make provisions for the future; how to write a Will to guide your possessions into the right hands when you die

Virtual Law Firms

Find out about the rise of of virtual law firms and the future of legal advice

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