Butcher's shop employee stole thousands of pounds


6 March 2012

by James Daniels

A butcher’s shop employee in Pontypool was sentenced to nine months in prison, after being found guilty of stealing money from his employer.

52 year old Neil Ivor Wills was working as shop manager for Anthony James Butchers back in February and March of last year, when the larceny occurred. Wills was caught on CCTV in the shop on four different occasions, with his hands literally in the till.

Mr Wills’ crimes enabled him to net £4,300 of his employer’s money, which he claimed he was eventually going to pay back through his own wages.

The shop manager’s plan might have worked, if it hadn’t been for shop employee Fiona James. Mrs James discovered the manager’s delinquency when she conducted an unexpected audit of the shop’s finances.

Mr Wills had previously had a good relationship with his employer, and claimed that he only stole the money because of his own financial troubles. However, this admission did not save him from punishment – Mr Wills was sentenced to nine month prison sentences for each of his four crimes, which will which run concurrently and be suspended for two years.

This means that Mr Wills will avoid prison, provided that he complies with the judge’s orders and does not reoffend. If Mr Wills were to end up in prison, his sentences would run at the same time, so he would be in prison for nine months.

Mr Wills was also ordered to pay back the £4,300 that he had stolen, minus the £800 he has already paid. He was given until October 2014 to fully repay his former employer.

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