Working After Retirement Age

Options for working past state pension age

Check your state pension age and plan your money

The age that you can claim state pension is increasing all the time — it can be a good idea to check when you will be able to claim a state pension and to plan for the future.

Consider your employment options

If you decide to carry on working past your state pension age, you may want to consider asking your employer for flexible working options. Flexible working options give you more flexibility when it comes to choosing the hours you work.

You may also decide that you want a change and look for a new job or decide to start working for yourself. Also, if you don’t need any extra income, you may want to volunteer.

Advantages of working for longer

There are several advantages in continuing to work after state pension age. You will end up taking home more money, as once you reach state pension age you no longer have to pay national insurance. Also, once you reach 65, you get greater tax advantages. You will be able to claim state pension on top of your earnings or if you can put off claiming your pension, you can get a larger amount or if you put off claiming it for at least a year, can claim a lump sum.

Requesting to work past retirement age

As of October 2011, an employer can no longer force an employee to retire unless it is specified in your contract and your employer can justify it (for example, if your job requires physical exertion which may be difficult for someone who is over 65). Any attempt to retire you without good reason will could be considered to be age discrimination.

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