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Elbow Injury Compensation

Claiming for damage to the elbow

Players of some sports are more susceptible to elbow injuries than other people, and to that end elbow injuries have become known as tennis elbow and golfer's elbow. Of course, if you do get an elbow injury because you have been playing too much tennis or golf then you cannot really blame anyone else apart from yourself. Despite the names though, these are not the only ways you can get elbow injuries. Repeated lifting and handling of heavy objects can cause the same strain on the elbow tendons as playing tennis and golf. If an employer does not have the correct safety provision in place then they could be liable for an injury sustained to the elbow.

Elbow definition

The elbow is the joint that attaches the forearm to the main arm. It comprises ligaments, tendons and bones that can all come to harm through the negligence of others.

Elbow injury compensation claims

To claim for compensation because of an injury to your elbow you will need to establish fault in someone else and also have expert medical opinion that details your injury. Contact a solicitor if you believe that you can fulfil both of these criteria, as they will guide you down the route of legal claims and possibly be able to give you an indication of how much money you can expect to receive.

This compensation will be calculated according to two sets of criteria. One that sympathises with the suffering that you have endured as a result of your elbow injury and one that sympathises with any detriment that your wallet has been subjected to. This second class will reimburse any medical bills you have had to pay out for, and also for any income that you would normally have earned but which you were prevented from doing so by your injury.

Amounts of compensation dealt out to sufferers of elbow injuries depend on the injury itself and relate as follows:

  • minor injuries - £8,000 – symptoms that resolve within a few years
  • surgery and further complications - maximum of £15,000
  • permanent disabling of elbow - £35,000.

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