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Criminal Injury Compensation Calculator

How much could you win?

Each kind of physical or psychological injury you can suffer has a set maximum fee that you can receive. The severity of your injury, the effect it has had upon you and the discretion of the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA) in relation to those things will determine how close to the maximum your compensation will be.

The minimum amount of compensation that CICA can award is £1000. This can be arrived at by multiplying the compensation of several small injuries or if a single injury overreaches that threshold.

The maximum amount of compensation awarded for damages is £250000.

The maximum amount of compensation you can receive for lost income is £250000. The total may not exceed £500000.

If the compensation is for a person under 18 years of age then the money will be deposited in a savings account and only accessible upon their reaching the age of 18.

Calculation of compensation for multiple injuries

If you have sustained multiple injuries then CICA can only consider awarding compensation for the three most damaging only. The total compensation you will receive is not based on a sum of what the three injuries are worth individually. Instead CICA will add together the full amount of the worst injury, 30% of the second worst injury, and 15% of the third worst injury and arrive at a total this way.

Claiming in event of a death

To be able to claim compensation when someone is killed as a result of a criminal act you must be related to the deceased in one of these ways: wife, husband or partner; former wife, husband or partner; biological parent; child; or an unmarried partner who has been living with the deceased for at least 2 years before. 

The total amount you can be awarded is £11000. If there are two or more claimants then this fee is £5500 each.

Further expenses that can be claimed are funeral costs, expenses if you were financially dependent on the deceased, and loss of parental financial help. If you are under 18 and your parent is deceased as a result of a criminal injury you can also claim financial help, which currently stands at £2000 per year.

The effect of criminal convictions on your compensation claim

If you have criminal convictions previous or subsequent to the incident for which you are attempting to claim compensation then this could impact upon the amount you are awarded. A criminal conviction that carried a sentence of over 30 weeks in jail could result in your compensation claim being rejected. There are no rules regarding this, however, and it is down to the discretion of CICA.

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