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It is not necessary to employ a lawyer when claiming compensation for a criminal injury. The way the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA) operates makes it easy to apply with no qualified legal assistance. By simply using the guidance detailed on this website, following their instructions and filling in the form you can be on your way to receiving a compensation award. CICA also include on their website a pdf file containing an exhaustive detailing of every aspect of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, application forms in many different languages and help if you are a victim of a high-profile large scale criminal offence such as the July 7th 2005 Bombings in London, or the Cumbria Shootings of 2010.

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If, however, you are rejected or want to contest your award at a tribunal it is recommended that you use the help of a lawyer, as strong advocacy skills will certainly be of benefit at this stage. The most effective kind of lawyer for criminal injury claims is a personal injury lawyer; there is no specially accredited panel for criminal compensation lawyers (the Law Society Personal Injury Panel is the closest). Criminal lawyers are specialists in criminal trials and so are not the best option for a compensation claim.

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