GP Professional Indemnity Insurance

Cover your GP work

As a GP operating in your own private surgery, you must ensure that you have full professional indemnity cover to protect you in the event of any professional mistake or negligence claim.

Without adequate professional indemnity cover, you could find yourself in severe financial difficulties should someone take legal action against you.

Medical negligence

A GP could face legal allegations of medical negligence for a number of different reasons. A GP could make a wrong diagnosis of an ill patient, and send them away without any or the correct treatment for their condition to worsen.

A GP could also inadvertently prescribe the wrong medication for a patient, which could have no effect, exacerbate their condition or even harm them in a completely different way.

GP liability

A GP has to consider the impact of their decisions and the plausibility of legal action in other ways.

For example, if a GP was to share any information on a patient with another patient, or anyone else for that matter, the GP could face legal action on the grounds of breach of confidentiality.

A GP could also face legal action for losing a patient’s documents, or a failure to check their medical history properly – without the medical history to inform their decisions, they could make a critical mistake.

GP insurance

GPs have found themselves facing legal action for a variety of different reasons, some of which you might not have even considered.

In 1999, a woman sued her GP, claiming that the GP had prevented her from getting an abortion due to her own personal beliefs on abortion. Their son was born with severe brain damage, and the claimant insisted that the GP misled her from aborting the pregnancy when she had the chance.

Another GP was sued in 2005 for £300,000, on the grounds that she failed to diagnose a 37 year old woman with meningitis, hours before she died.

Everyone makes mistakes, and no matter how careful you are, you could still be falsely accused of medical negligence.

Make sure that if you are, you have the professional indemnity insurance in place to cover you.

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