Road Traffic Law

The Rules of the Road

Road traffic law, also referred to as motoring law, driving law or road law, is probably the field of law with most effect on everyday life for many of us. Taking control of a car, no matter how normal it may seem, is actually a situation of extreme responsibility, and the authorities will be quick to swoop if you should fall foul of the rules in place.

Road Traffic Offences

Regardless of how fair you may consider the laws of the road, a wide variety of road traffic offences are in place in order to punish those felt to be acting irresponsibly on the road. These include such things as careless or dangerous drivingdrink driving and speeding.

Any motorist should be aware of what penalties they may face if charged with a road traffic offence, and be aware of how best to present their side of the case.

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Points on your Licence and Convictions

Being convicted of a road traffic offence could lead to what is known as an “endorsement” being applied to your licence. Penalty points are another possibility in this eventuality. If you get too many points on your licence, you run the risk of losing it entirely.

The punishment for a driving offence will depend on what type of offence you committed and the seriousness of the offence. For more on the kind of fines and points that you can receive for different driving offences, see our Table of Driving Offences.

Even if you don’t lose your licence, penalty points can affect the amount you pay for motor insurance – we’ve done a survey into the cost of points on your licence and shown this to be the case, and can also advise on how to get the cheapest car insurance with points on your licence.

If you have been convicted of one or more motoring offences, you may also want to read up on the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act to find out about spent convictions and when you have to disclose your past misdemeanours.

Road Traffic Accidents

If you’ve been in a road traffic accident and suffered harm as a result, you need not suffer in silence. Though it may sound like a laughable cliché, you may be able to make a personal injury claim. Even if you did not suffer physical injury, you’ll surely want to submit an insurance claim over damage done to your car.

Regardless of the nature of your claim, we’ve put together a helpful car accident checklist that should bolster your knowledge of how to prepare and submit your case to give you the best chances of meeting with victory.

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