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Company not paying invoices

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Q: I am self-employed. I recently completed a job and sent the invoices out for the costs of my services but they have not paid. The 30 day time period on the invoices is now up and I cannot get hold of the company who is to pay me. The amount in dispute is approximately just over £500. What can I do?

A: You may wish to make a claim against the company on grounds of breach of contract.

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Q: I recently asked my employer to show me my payslips. I noticed that my payslip says that I should be earning £1,246 a month, but my employer has been paying me £1,222 a month for over a year now. What should I do?

A: It is unlawful for your employer to just deduct your wages. You could check with an accountant that the calculations are correct since it is an ongoing deduction. You could raise a grievance at first or you could look to escalate it to expected time. Lack of a written statement of particulars is a claim that can also be brought forward but not as a standalone claim.

Q: There is going to be a mass redundancy at my place of work soon. I am the only person employed on a full-time contract, which is due to end at the time of the redundancies. I have not been consulted with at all. What do you advise?

A: A non-extension of a full time contract is classed as a dismissal. You can argue that you should be consulted with and given appropriate notice. Raise your issues with the employer informally and proceed accordingly.

Q: My employers are asking me to agree to some changes and are saying that they will dismiss and then reengage me on new terms. Are they allowed to do this?

A: You may have a claim for unfair dismissal from the company if they are unable to provide a substantial enough reason for their unusual actions in dismissing you or if they have not followed a fair procedure.

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