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Company not paying invoices

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Q: I am self-employed. I recently completed a job and sent the invoices out for the costs of my services but they have not paid. The 30 day time period on the invoices is now up and I cannot get hold of the company who is to pay me. The amount in dispute is approximately just over £500. What can I do?

A: You may wish to make a claim against the company on grounds of breach of contract.

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Q: I recently became a nun and I am now experiencing bullying and harassment at my workplace. I feel like they are doing so to force me to resign. What can I do?

A: Recommend you raise a grievance to those who are harassing you. You may also have a case of constructive or unfair dismissal if they are trying to force you out.

Q: My doctor has recently ordered me to take time off of work due to stress. My employers however believe that I am also working at another job. They have asked me to a meeting but I don’t want to go as I feel too sick. What are my rights?

A: It is recommended that you contact your employer and ask them if they are able to move their meeting to another date to when you feel better.

Q: I was employed two years ago as a PA. I fell pregnant while working and went on maternity leave, returning a year later. I am now pregnant again and my employer is giving signs that they are unhappy. I am part-time and changes may be made. What are my rights?

A: There may be a possible discrimination case if this progresses. You have a right not to be subject to less favourable treatment, regardless of part-time status or maternity. An unfair dismissal claim may be warranted if less favourable treatment becomes apparent.

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