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Company not paying invoices

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Q: I am self-employed. I recently completed a job and sent the invoices out for the costs of my services but they have not paid. The 30 day time period on the invoices is now up and I cannot get hold of the company who is to pay me. The amount in dispute is approximately just over £500. What can I do?

A: You may wish to make a claim against the company on grounds of breach of contract.

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Q: I received a letter asking me to go to an appeal meeting of which is over 100 miles away from me. Am I obliged to attend a meeting which is held so far away?

A: You should request for an appeal hearing to take place at your normal place of work or ask the employer to confirm that he will be able to cover the reasonable travelling expenses for you to be able to get there.

Q: I have recently resigned from my job but my company still want me to come in next week for a grievance. Am I still obligated to attend even though I have resigned?

A: It is entirely up to you whether you attend the grievance. Your actions however must be made in a reasonable manner.

Q: I am constantly given tough and stressful work by my employer which is causing me to be ill while other members of my team seem to have much easier work. Do I have any rights in regards to the workload I am given by my employers?

A: Difficult tasks and workloads should be distributed equally between yourself and any other members of your team. I recommend you raise a grievance to your employers telling them such especially since the workload is making you ill.

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