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Company not paying invoices

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Q: I am self-employed. I recently completed a job and sent the invoices out for the costs of my services but they have not paid. The 30 day time period on the invoices is now up and I cannot get hold of the company who is to pay me. The amount in dispute is approximately just over £500. What can I do?

A: You may wish to make a claim against the company on grounds of breach of contract.

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Q: I have recently stepped down from my position as a director and my CEO has responded with an offensive letter insulting my own personal features, after which I felt I had no choice but to resign. Do I have rights under discrimination law?

A: You could raise a grievance against your employer on the basis of discrimination. You may also have a case for constructive dismissal, which you could take to an Employment Tribunal – if you do this you have 3 months from the date of your resignation to do so.

Q: I have been offered a new nanny position and the parents are coming up with a new contract. The parents are separated and their jobs mean that they can sometimes arrive back at odd hours. I would like to make sure the contract is a proper contract and check which option is best: should I have 2 separate contracts or to have 1 combined contract. I have not yet signed an agreement for this position, so what should I do?

A: You should have one single contract: one comprehensive document detailing information about payment, location, variation, etc. All three of you will be party to one contract. You must consider the impact if the parents argue and one of them refuses to let you take the daughter away, etc. Your time will be wasted and you may struggle claiming payment for that time as the daughter was not in care.

Q: My boss has offered me a sum of money to leave my job. What are my options?

A: If you think the pay is fair, you may want to simply take the money and leave. If you think the pay is unreasonable however, you can choose to refuse the offer which may lead to a case of unfair dismissal. Awards for unfair dismissal are capped at £72,000, however.

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