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Signing the Will

Are you one of the two-thirds of people in the UK who doesn't have a valid Will? Putting together a Will is something we don’t like to think about – it can seem too difficult, or too morbid, especially if you think that your estate is not particularly large or complicated.

However, failing to put together a Will can create real problems for your loved ones. Your estate could end up not benefiting the people you want to help the most.

Arguing couple

No one goes into a marriage expecting it to end in divorce, but sadly, 4 out of 10 marriages do end this way. If you are looking at getting a divorce from your partner, you may have worries about the process, how expensive it will be, and what impact it may have on your children.

We can give you a bit more information on what to expect from the process, and how to deal with any disputes that you may have with your soon-to-be-ex-partner.

Young start-ups

Disputes with your neighbour can be a big source of ongoing stress, and they can arise from the most innocuous things. It's hard to know what to do when you cannot even relax in your own home.

However, there are a variety of measures you can take to handle problems with a troublesome neighbour. Whether it’s a boundary dispute, problems with noise or clash of personalities, we can tell you what to do if matters escalate.

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“I found Law on the Web to be very informative when looking for a solicitor to do our family Will.”

D Doulton

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