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The Law on the Web blog is the place to read about the latest happenings in law, including changes to legislation and guides to help you understand your legal rights.

Driven to act - when people bring private prosecutions

James Watkins - Law on the Web

  1. 14 March 2016
  2. Cars and Motoring
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A notable recent case highlighted the rarely-used freedom of individuals and private organisations to bring their own criminal cases.

Job fairness - avoiding discrimination when advertising a role

Luke Whitmore - Law on the Web

  1. 07 March 2016
  2. Business
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With job adverts under scrutiny for breaking equal opportunity laws, how can you avoid discrimination when publicising openings in your business?

Probate fees set to increase to up to £20,000

James Watkins - Law on the Web

  1. 24 February 2016
  2. Wills and Probate
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The cost of inheriting is set to increase, thanks to a new government proposal to raise probate fees in line with the value of an estate.

Commons committees blast latest surveillance bill

James Watkins - Law on the Web

  1. 16 February 2016
  2. Miscellaneous
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The latest iteration of the so-called “snooper’s charter” has come under a series of attacks from MPs for lacking oversight, clarity and respect for privacy.

Apple slammed for Error 53 iPhone fiasco

James Watkins - Law on the Web

  1. 10 February 2016
  2. Consumers
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A security measure which can “brick” recent models of the iPhone may violate the consumer rights of iPhone owners, a barrister has warned.