Employment Law Advice for Employers

If your business employs staff, you must treat them in accordance with employment law.

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Employment law is wide-ranging, and this section introduces the aspects you are likely to encounter in the day-to-day running of your business.

This section covers all the main areas of employment law from the point of view of a business owner. If you are a worker looking to understand employment law, please see our employment section for employees.


An employment contract is crucial to the relationship between an employer and their employee. It contains the terms, both implicit and explicit, which define the employee’s work. This includes pay, working hours, leave entitlement and notice periods.


Leave itself is a substantial topic within employment law, with there being a certain amount of statutory sick leave that you must grant to your employees as well as other types of leave such as maternity leave and compassionate leave. Our section on leave covers the regulations regarding time off for your employees.

Pensions, pay and tax

Recently introduced legislation means an employer is obliged to offer qualifying employees some form of pension. Our guide to pensions outlines all of your responsibilities in regard to this. We also offer information on the tax responsibilities of employers.

Termination of employment

If you want to terminate the contract of an employee and dismiss them for any reason, then you should be careful to do this in a fair manner and in accordance with employment law. Costly employment tribunal claims for unfair dismissal can result if the law is not adhered to. We cover the correct procedure for ending an employee’s time at your company and the unfair reasons for dismissal that you need to steer clear of.

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