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Confidentiality Agreement for Employer

All businesses have information they wouldn’t want revealed to the world at large, ranging from the processes that give them the edge over their competitors to everyday things such as company finances and private correspondence. If you want to ensure that your employees, contractors and visitors won’t succumb to the temptation of giving away your business’s secrets, you need to have a confidentiality agreement in place.

This is a sample confidentiality agreement for use by employers of all types and sizes. It ensures that employees, interns and site visitors are aware of their responsibility not to reveal any confidential information learned during the course of their work. By signing this agreement, you protect yourself and ensure that action can be taken against anyone who attempts to reveal any of your business secrets.

It’s easy to use and free for downloading. Just enter the relevant information where prompted on the form and you’ll soon have a confidentiality agreement that’s legally approved and ready to use.