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Employer's Appraisal Policy

The most important asset of any business is its employees, and so it’s important to keep track of their career and achievements. Appraisals are a good way to praise them for their victories, discuss any problem areas and generally stay up to speed on the needs and concerns of your workforce.

It’s useful to have a policy in place to ensure that your employees know what to expect from appraisals, how frequently they will take place, and the nature of the feedback they will receive. This insures you against accusations that some employees receive favourable treatment in any way - for example, by having more frequent appraisals, or not being taken to task for underachieving.

If you want to put together an appraisal policy suited to any company or industry, Law on the Web offers a downloadable template for making your own. Written by legal professionals, our template appraisal policy is simple to use and requires no knowledge of employment law or regulations – you simply need to fill out the relevant sections and you’ll have a solid appraisal policy you can put into place immediately.