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Employer's Compassionate Leave Policy

If you run your own business, you’ll need to have a compassionate leave policy in place. However, you probably don’t want to pay vast sums to have the document drawn up by a solicitor charging sky-high fees, which is why we offer a template for the policies you need.

Employers policies are useful, even if you do not anticipate that they are likely to be necessary, because they prevent misunderstandings arising between the employer and the employee. If there is an official policy in place, then the employee will be aware of the expectations which the employer has of him. In these circumstances the employer will be able to demonstrate that any disciplinary action or concern with the employee’s performance is reasonable. Having an official policy which is applied to all employees in all cases also makes it less likely that employees will be able to claim that they have been discriminated against or treated unfavourably.

Our policy templates are easy to fill out and legally approved – it’s just good business.