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Employer's Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality policies can be vital in protecting the business interests of even the smallest company. Working on trust alone is a noble ambition but you must be aware that there are people who will take advantage of this if you don’t take steps to protect yourself legally. The idea of drawing up a confidentiality policy is daunting for many small business owners, which is why we offer a policy template you can use to put together your own legally approved confidentiality policy.

You might think that you’ll never need a written policy and that you have an understanding with your employees, but it always pays to be prepared and you never know when a business relationship might go sour. Ensuring that your employees are aware of how they should conduct themselves, and that this agreement is set down in writing, will aid you a great deal if you should ever need to take legal action to protect your business.

Our template requires no legal knowledge to complete; all you need to do is download the document and enter your details where indicated. Protect your business and download it today.