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Employer's Disciplinary and Dismissal Policy

One of the hardest parts of running your own business is having to punish an employee for their misconduct or incompetence, or even having to fire them outright. Nonetheless, these are important parts of dealing with under-performing or disruptive workers, and are therefore vital for the smooth operation of a business. Trouble can arise, however, if you don’t have a clear disciplinary and dismissal policy in place.

In dealing with such contentious matters, many people will not respond reasonably and may even accuse you of treating them unfairly or having something against them. If they decide to take it further, you could face lawsuits or tribunals; without a written policy in place, you would have little chance of demonstrating that their dismissal was inevitable and not due to discrimination or other unprofessional practices.

Putting a disciplinary and dismissal policy in place allows you to show everyone that you play by the same rules for all of your employees, and our legal templates make it quick and simple. All you need do is download the file and fill out your details, and you’ll have a legally approved policy to use in the workplace. Don’t delay, download it today.