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Employer's Email Use Policy

Email can be a great tool for productivity, but it can also serve as a distraction and a means of time-wasting. If you want to avoid this fate befalling your business, the best way to do so is to put an email usage policy into place. Our document template makes it easy to put together your own company email policy without the need to hire a solicitor who could charge through the roof for their services.

It's always useful to have a policy for such things in place; while you may not think of it as being vital, it means that employees know their responsibilities in the workplace and cannot claim that any actions you may need to take against them were unprecedented or unexpected. Written policies are also a good way of defending yourself against any accusations of bias or discrimination, since the policy sets out the rules for all employees.

Our documents are easy to fill out – all you need to do is download the file and enter your details where prompted. Protect your productivity and put together your own policy today.