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Employer's Internet Use Policy

The internet can be a great resource for research or networking, but if your employees misuse it you could experience drops in productivity and inappropriate material circulating around the workplace. For this reason, you need to put an internet usage policy in place, and our free legal documents make it easier than you could have ever dreamed.

All you need to do is download the relevant template and enter your details where indicated – no legal knowledge required, no need to set aside vast amounts of time and, best of all, no sky-high solicitors’ fees. All of our documents are drafted by legal professionals but we don’t charge a penny for them.

Employer’s policies aren’t just useful for big businesses, they also serve as an excellent way for small businesses to set out their expectations for employee conduct and, just as importantly, insure yourself against any claims that you have treated a worker unfairly. When the same policy applies to everyone, nobody can claim that you are applying the rules selectively. Do your business a favour – download a policy template today.