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Employer's Maternity Leave Policy

If you own a business and are in charge of its operations, it’s very important to be prepared for certain eventualities through the implementation of policies. One such occurrence you’ll need to be ready for is granting maternity leave.

If you’re looking to put a policy in place for maternity leave, but have no idea of the regulations which cover it and your requirements as an employer, we have a simple solution. Here at Law on the Web we offer a maternity leave template which you can use to quickly and easily create an appropriate policy for use in the workplace. It’s simple to fill out and doesn’t require a huge investment of time or money – all you have to do is download the document and enter your details where instructed.

Even if you think you have an understanding with your employees over matters of maternity leave, it’s advisable to have a policy in place to make it clear that the same rules apply to everyone and to protect yourself from any legal issues. Download our template today and keep your business on the right side of the law.