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Employer's Parental Leave Policy

When running a business, it’s absolutely imperative that you have policies in place to cover occurrences which are likely to arise but which have the potential to cause problems amongst your workforce. One of these issues that must be addressed is that of parental leave.

Many of your employees are likely to have children, and it’s inevitable that at times they will need to take time off due to child-related emergencies or important events. You will need to take their needs into consideration while balancing this with the needs of the business and the effects on other employees.

There is, of course, legislation in place to set out the rights of parents, which any parental leave policy needs to take into consideration. If you’re not sure that you have the legal knowledge required to write your own policy, but don’t want to spend vast sums for a lawyer to draft one for you, you’d benefit from our template for a parental leave policy. It’s easy to fill out and, while written by legal professionals, requires absolutely no knowledge of law on your part. All you need to do is enter your details where indicated – download it today.