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Employer's Paternity Leave Policy

It is dictated by employment law, not to mention basic human decency, that employees are entitled to a certain amount of time off after the birth of a child. With family being such an important topic, it’s hugely beneficial to your workplace and to have a policy in place which sets down the allowances and limitations on paternity leave for employees.

Without such a policy, you leave yourself open for accusations of bias or discrimination if one employee is thought to be receiving preferential treatment with regard to their paternity leave. Even if you know you’re being fair, and believe you have an understanding with your employees, having the details established in writing makes it clear that the same rules apply to everyone and is a great way to protect yourself against lawsuits or investigations.

Our document templates make it easy to put a solid policy in place – all you have to do is download the file and enter your details where indicated. Ensure your employees know their rights and responsibilities; put a paternity leave policy in place today.