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Employer's Recruitment Policy

When recruiting employees for your company, it’s important that you’re able to demonstrate that you have judged all interviewees on their own merits. With a great deal of legislation existing to eliminate discrimination and bias from the working world, it’s not enough to simply state that your hiring practices are fair; it’s vital that you are able to demonstrate it through a written explanation of your approach.

Putting together such a policy can be difficult, and often involves paying sky-high fees for the services of a legal expert, but here at Law on the Web we’ve devised a simpler solution. Our legal template provides a quick and easy way to put together your own recruitment policy without all the stress.

You don’t need any knowledge of employment law or hiring regulations; all you need to do is fill out your details where indicated and you’ll have a recruitment policy that clearly and legally states your dedication to fair hiring practices. Protect your business today and download our template.