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Employer's Redundancy Policy

When times are tough for businesses, there are always hard decisions involved if it should come to making redundancies – but these decisions can be made even harder if you don’t have a redundancy policy in place. Without a written statement explaining how the redundancies will be conducted and the criteria that will be used to make such important choices, you risk legal action from disgruntled ex-employees which could potentially cripple your company even further when you are already struggling to do business.

We offer a template for putting together your own redundancy policy. You don’t need any legal knowledge to complete it; all you have to do is enter the details of your company where indicated and you’ll have safeguarded the future of your business should it ever fall on you to make the daunting choice of where the burden of job losses should fall.

You never know when economic disaster could strike your business or industry, so, if you want to give yourself a better chance of seeing your company through to a recovery, take a moment to put together a redundancy policy today. It’s easy to download and easy to complete, so there’s no reason not to.