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Employer's Smoke-Free Policy

With the extensive health risks of smoking and recent legislation for making public places smoke-free zones, you may want to follow along with these developments and make your workplace into a smoke-free zone. If you intend on doing so, though, you really need to put a policy in place explaining it – and our legal document templates make it easy.

This template offers a basic smoke-free policy as would be found in place in most businesses. You don't need any legal knowledge to fill it out – all you have to do is enter your details onto the form when asked, and you'll have a smoke-free policy to be proud of.

Employer’s policies are helpful in letting your workers know what is expected of them and what behaviour is unacceptable. You may have a verbal understanding with your employees but setting it down in writing ensures that everyone knows the rules and also serve as a defence if you are accused of discrimination or bias. Protect your business – download today.