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T444 Employment Appeal Notice

Either the Claimant or the Respondent can appeal against a judgment or ruling of an Employment Tribunal. Appeals are heard by the Employment Appeals Tribunal.

Appeals must be brought within timescales which are strictly enforced. The usual rule is that an appeal must be lodged before 4:00pm on the 42nd day following the decision of the Employment Tribunal. This is exactly six weeks after the Employment Tribunal delivers its judgement.

An appeal can be lodged by completing this form and sending it to either the London or the Edinburgh office of the Employment Appeals Tribunal (as appropriate). The form can be downloaded directly from the government website here, and contact details can be found in our Employment Tribunals section.

You should also enclose a copy of the Employment Tribunal’s decision as well as a copy of the ET1 claim form and ET3 response form.

Unlike most other courts, the Employment Appeal Tribunal allows parties to lodge an appeal by fax or by email. However, the 4:00pm deadline is observed without exception, and an appeal will not be considered properly lodged until the necessary documentation is received (and in the case of appeals lodged by fax, is fully printed out).