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T443 Appellant's Reply to Cross-Appeal

Where a party to an Employment Tribunal claim disagrees with the ruling or judgment which is delivered, they are entitled to appeal to the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT). The party making the appeal is called the Appellant and the other party is called the Respondent.

After the Appellant has lodged a notice of appeal, the EAT will inform the Respondent and will require them to submit an “Answer” in which they ask the EAT to uphold the original decision or ruling. The Respondent can also ask the EAT to uphold the ruling based on grounds or reasoning which are different to those set out in the original ruling or judgment. This is called a cross-appeal.

If there is a cross-appeal, the Appellant will be notified of this by the EAT. The Appellant must then explain why the cross-appeal should be denied and why the original ruling should not be upheld on the alternative grounds set out in the Respondent’s cross appeal. The Appellant should use this reply form for the purpose.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.