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NM01 Notice of Change of Name by Resolution

A company can change its name at any time by special resolution. This means that the proposal will be put to a vote of the company’s shareholders, and if at least 75% of shareholders by value agree with the proposal, then it is passed and the name is changed.

Traditionally, a general meeting would need to be called and a vote would be taken at that meeting. However, under the Companies Act 2006, private companies can pass written resolutions instead. The text of the resolution is circulated amongst all of the members either electronically or on paper and once 75% of shareholders have signalled their agreement, the resolution is passed.

A change of name is not effective until Companies House has updated the company’s entry on the official register. Once a resolution changing the name has been passed, Companies House will need to be notified within 15 days by sending a completed copy of this form, a copy of the resolution, and a copy of the amended Articles and Memorandum of Association.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.