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NM03 Notice Confirming Satisfaction of the Conditional Resolution for Change of Name

A company’s official name can be changed by passing a special resolution of members, in which members holding at least 75% of the shares agree to the proposal to change the name. A public company must pass a special resolution at a general meeting of the members, but a private company may make use of the written resolution procedure which is set out in the Companies Act 2006, by asking members to agree to the proposal in writing or by email.

A resolution changing the name can be made conditional upon some future event, and once Companies House is made aware of this, it will not update the company’s name on the official register until the condition has been satisfied. A resolution changing the name of the company might be made conditional because it is passed in anticipation of the company moving into a new market, acquiring a subsidiary business, merging with another company or entering into a partnership or other business arrangement.

Once the condition specified in the resolution has been met, the company must notify Companies House of this by completing and sending this form. When Companies House receives notification that the condition has been satisfied, it will change the company’s official name.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.