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NM04 Notice of Change of Name by Means Provided for in the Articles

Any company can change its registered name by passing a special resolution which adopts the new name, with the agreement of at least 75% of shareholders.  However, a company can also provide with other methods and procedures for approving a change of name in its Articles of Association.

For example, a company’s articles of association may specify that the company can change its name by ordinary resolution as opposed to special resolution (this only requires a simple majority of more than 50% of shareholders to pass) or by the agreement of a committee of the board.

Where a company changes its name by some procedure other than by passing a special resolution it must notify Companies House by completing this form and sending it together with the relevant filing fee (£10 at the time of writing). Once it receives the notification, Companies House will update the company’s record on the official register to reflect the new name.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.