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NM06 Request to Seek Comments of Government Department or Other Specified Body on Change of Name

The shareholders of a company are free to change its name by special resolution at any time, but there are restrictions on the names which can be adopted. Certain words are expressions are deemed to be “sensitive” and may only be used with the permission a specified body or official.

For example, a company name cannot contain the word “charity” or any variation of this without the approval and permission of the Charity Commission, and a company name cannot contain the word “British” unless it can satisfy the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry that it has a real and substantial business connection with the UK (and is not just based here) and is pre-eminent in its field.

When a company wishes to change its name to include a sensitive word or expression, it will need to seek permission from the relevant body, and Companies House must be sent a completed copy of this form along with the request for the name to be changed, certifying that permission has been sought.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.

Please note, Companies House will not change the name until they are provided with a copy of the response from the relevant body authorising the uses of the sensitive word.