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Company Resolutions - Written Resolution

In today’s global economy, it’s not always practical to gather the shareholders together every time you wish to make an important decision regarding the company’s direction. Recognising this, the Companies Act 2006 established that private companies are legally entitled to pass resolutions in writing rather than needing to arrange for the shareholders to meet.

This legal document template can be used to that end. You will need to fill in the gaps with details of your company and then circulate it to the shareholders. The resolution can be sent out either by email or in hard copy form, with the shareholders indicating their agreement by signing the resolution. They may either return the signed resolution to you or send you a scanned copy via email. At least 50% of the shareholders must agree to your proposal.

Law on the Web’s free document template makes it easy to put together a legally approved written resolution that meets your business needs in a simple and transparent way – download today.