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Business Terms and Conditions for Consultancy Services

A document to clearly establish your rights and responsibilities if you are doing consultancy work for a client.

If you offer consultancy services of any kind, you need to make sure that the people with whom you are doing business understand the terms under which you are working for them and what they should expect as a result of your efforts.

That’s why we offer these terms and conditions for use by an individual or company which offers consultancy services. They’re simple to fill out and don’t require any legal knowledge or expertise. It really couldn’t be simpler.

You will need to attach a “service proposal” to this agreement. This is a separate document which sets out the details of the service which you will provide, the amount which you will be paid, and the restrictions within which you will work. The service proposal should also contain details of any brief, or specific requests which the client has. The service proposal need not be overly complex and can be set out in the form of a letter.

This document allows you to establish:

  • the services you will provide to your client and their obligations to you
  • the terms of payment (including reimbursement of expenses)
  • the nature of the relationship between your business and the client
  • expectations relating to confidentiality, data protection and intellectual property concerns
  • rights of termination and notice periods for both parties
  • clauses for indemnity and limitation of liability

It also supersedes and overrides any previous agreements and understandings between the two parties, and prevents any third party from trying to enforce any part of the agreement.