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Business Terms and Conditions for Estate Agency (Single Agency)

A document to clearly establish the rights and responsibilities of both you and your client if you are running an estate agency.

When operating an estate agency, it’s of the utmost importance that your clients understand the terms under which they can be expected to deal with you. This way, they know what they are getting, and what is expected from them in return. Law on the Web offers template legal documents which allow you to set out such contracts swiftly and easily.

This is a sample set of terms and conditions for use by an estate agency doing business with a client, where it is agreed that the Client may only use the services of the Agent during the term of this agreement, and that he may not market the same property with other estate agents.

This document allows you to establish:

  • the services you will provide to your client, and their obligations to you
  • the terms of payment (including reimbursement of expenses)
  • the obligations of you and your client towards each other
  • rights of termination and notice periods for both parties

You don’t need any legal knowledge to complete the form and have a set of terms and conditions you can use in all of your business dealings. Why not take a look? Law on the Web makes it easy.