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Business Terms and Conditions for Letting Agency (Letting and Property Management)

If you run a letting agency which deals in property and tenancy management, you need an agreement in place which will allow you to establish what you expect from your clients and what services you will provide to them. This is vital to prevent misunderstandings over who is responsible for what and to ensure that both parties act legally.

This free document is a set of sample terms and conditions for use by a letting agency to regulate its relationship with the principal (i.e. the individual who owns the property which is being let). The agreement sets out the steps which the agency will take to find tenants, the remuneration which will be due, what aspects of property and tenancy management the letting agency will be responsible for, and the responsibilities and rights of the principal and the agent.

Easy to use and drafted by a legal professional, our free letting agency agreement could be the solution for you.