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Business Terms and Conditions for Letting Agency (Lettings Only)

When operating in the business of letting agencies, you need terms in place which set out your responsibility to the client. If you run a letting agency which is solely responsible for arranging the letting and does not take on the responsibilities of property or tenancy management, you must make this clear to your clients in the contract you provide to them. Fortunately, Law on the Web can make this easy with our letting agency template.

This document contains some sample terms and conditions which would be suitable for use by a letting agency in order to set down the nature of its relationship with the principal (i.e. the owner of the property which you are intending to let). The agreement sets out the methods the agency will use to fill the tenancy, the payment which is expected, the responsibilities and rights of the principal and the agent, and what happens in more complex letting situations.

It's easy to download and requires no legal knowledge to fill out, so why not download today?