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Business Terms and Conditions for Recruitment Consultancy

A document to clearly establish the rights and responsibilities of both you and your client if you are a recruitment consultant.

A recruitment agency can use terms and conditions to regulate its relationship with the end client (i.e. the business which has a vacancy and which is seeking the assistance of the agency in filling this vacancy).

This document establishes:

  • the services you will provide to your clients, and your obligations to each other
  • details of any introduction fees, including how they are worked out and when they are due
  • clauses for indemnity and limitation of liability

It also supersedes and overrides any previous agreements and understandings between the two parties, and prevents any third party from trying to enforce any part of the agreement.

The document takes care of all the legal jargon and terminology so that you don’t have to. All you need to do is fill in your details and select a few options. Download your recruitment agency terms and conditions now.