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Tradesman Terms and Conditions for Plumber

These terms and conditions can be used to clearly define what plumbing work you will be doing for a client and what you will receive in return.

If you are working as a plumber then you ought to supply your customers with a set of terms and conditions to give your service some legal gravitas. If the customer and service provider both sign these conditions then they can proceed with more security. Terms and conditions can legislate for payment and duties of both parties, as well as define a procedure in the case of unsatisfactory service.

When terms and conditions are presented to customers they should come with a comprehensive description of the task to be undertaken by the plumber as well as a quotation which clearly explains the pricing.

This legal document is easy to download and simple to complete. After you have entered your details into the blanks you will have your own set of personalized terms and conditions with which to provide your customers.