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Affiliate Agreement

If you are running a website or another online business, you could benefit greatly by making a deal with someone else where they direct visitors or possible customers to the service you offer, in exchange for a commission. This is especially useful if there is some degree of crossover between their audience and your target customer base.

This document allows you to set out an agreement to serve as a contract between you and your affiliate. It lays out the basic terms under which you will do business and allows you to ensure that the affiliate will conduct themselves responsibly and fairly in the course of driving traffic to your site or service. It's easy to fill out and you don't need any legal knowledge to complete it.

After completing the form, you will need to attach a "service proposal" which states what exactly you will be paying the affiliate for, and how much they will receive. This service proposal does not need complex legal wording, and can be in a simple form such as a letter. Be sure to refer to Section 4 of this Agreement when writing the service proposal.