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Agency Agreement

If you run your own business, you’re probably aware of how useful it would be to have another business advertising on your behalf, sending you leads or referrals, or promoting your services in any other fashion. This kind of crossover business can be beneficial in all kinds of ways and help to grow a brand and to establish a loyal customer base, but many people aren’t sure how to set down a deal of this type.

This legal document is the perfect aid to those who would like to establish such a business relationship but don’t know where to get started. It allows you to set out an agreement between your business and another whereby they will market or otherwise promote your product or service on a commission basis. It’s incredibly simple to fill out and you need no legal knowledge or consultation to complete it.

When you use this document to establish an agreement, you can rest assured that your business will only be promoted in a respectable and fair fashion, and that the other business involved knows exactly what is expected of them.